Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Oh Dear What Can the NATter be

Just so that my fellow Scottish Lib Dems don't think I'm in bed with the Scottish Nats in more than the literal sense. I'd like to give a hat tip to Bernie Salmon for this story.

This time after the council have approved a local planning application for an ASDA supermarket in Inverness, this has been called in by the Scottish Parliament so that is can go to a public enquiry. After Trumpgate and the stance of the Nats not to allow local authorities the autonomy to set their own rates for the proposed local income tax, just what are the Nats trusting our local councils, including many of their own councillors to do?

The Nats seem to want to centralise their little independent Scottish Fifedom squarely at Holyrood. Yet they were always attacking Labour for wanting to do just the same thing. So just what is going on? How much control do they want to have? Is this a sign of just what way they are going to have to run things if they ever get their wish of independence?

Worrying indeed as they always said that once they had power the people would be in a far better position to realise what they could do if given independence. Well I do see that now, and I'm not liking what I'm seeing.

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  1. What's really odd about the decision to call in the Asda application in Inverness is that Highland Council is run by and Independent/SNP coalition, so they're not even trusting their own councillors.