Thursday, 27 March 2008

The Apprentice Polluter

Well the Apprentice got off to a new start last night, the 16 new potential Sugar portegees were sent straight from their boardroom finery off to sell fish. Nice way to bring them down to earth with a bang.

So after a long day of the boys alledging to sell Emporer Breen and Mackeral, as well as selling Monkfish Tails as far cheaper Turbot, and lobsters for £4.80 each. They clearly had a bad day and made just over £32 profit for their day, including selling off £100 of wholesale fish to a smooth talking solicitor who wouldn't budge from £50 in thier negotiations, why isn't that Islington lawyer on the show.

However, at the end of a long day smelling of fish. Sir Alan was generous to allow the three facing the fireing line at least one night in the luxery converted factory that is this seasons house, that was fine. But then the following morning the three of them each got into one of the people carriers outside to return to the boardroom. Why? Okay they had a private interview with each of them, but they had also done this at the house, could also have done this I'm sure arounnd Sir Alan's HQ so hardly a valid reason to have three vehicles used to carry three people from the same point A to the same point B. Especially as all three would also have to make the return trip.

Not very green of Sir Alan or the BBC on week one.

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