Monday, 24 March 2008

Feeling Old On an Easter Monday Morning

I stumbled, well he was actually shouting out from Lib Dem Blogs in the quietness this morning, across a very erudite, young, Liberal Democrat blogger this morning, and boy did he make me feel old. He's only 15 only starting his blog last month but he has some well worked out opinions already on selling cigarettes, Dafur and is going to make his take on The Orange Book, almost three years after some of us who are older and 'wiser?', did our best to try and avoid the TV cameras while trying to sneak in and buy our copy at the book stand at conference.

I used to think that at times the Alex Cole-Hamilton, Kevin Lang and Jo Swinson set of Scottish Liberal Democrats occasionally make me feel my age, although they are warm welcoming people every one. I recently read on facebook that Jo had finally paid off her student loan, which seeing as I took part in the campaigns against them as a student I objected to taking one out on principle. Well the lot named above were younger than Alasdair from Worcester is now, of course he hadn't even been born then. So he's a lot younger than my own political career.

Put I'll be keeping my eye out for him in the future. He certainly has a lot of the characteristics to get ahead in this party. Independence of thought, a broad range of interests and obviously a heart to let those be heard. Good for him certainly one to watch for in the future.

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