Friday, 22 July 2011

#TDF Stage 20 The answer to life, the universe and the Tour de France


What else in the year that I will turn that age?

Or to be precise 42km around the roads of Grenoble are the ultimate answer to all bar two of the jerseys on this year's Tour.What we do know is that the King of the Mountains this year in Samuel Sanchez after the final ride in the high lands yesterday. What we won't know is who will win the green points jersey as there are a maximum of 65 points on offer and only 15 between Mark Cavendish and Jose Joaquin Rojas.
  1. Andy Schleck 82h 48'43
  2. Frank Schleck +53"
  3. Cadel Evans +57"
  4. Thomas Voeckler +2'10"
  5. Damiano Cunego +3'31
  6. Alberto Contador +3'55"
  7. Samuel Sanchez +4'22"
  8. Ivan Basso +4'40"
Taking a crude look at last year's Time Trial gives the following result for the top 8 on relative time (the one exception will the Frank Schleck who crashed out on stage three.

  1. Alberto Contador 0"
  2. Samuel Sanchez +10" adjusted for distance (+12" in reality)
  3. Andy Schleck +23" (+31")
  4. Thomas Voeckler +2'48"(+3'28")
  5. Ivan Basso +3'20" (+4'08")
  6. Damiano Cunego +4'00" (+4'57")
  7. Cadel Evans +4'13" (+5'14")
As well as Frank Schleck being missing Cadel Evan was racing with a broken elbow so may have been behind power. Therefore I will give them the times calculated for an extra 1.5km for tomorrow from their 2009 times.

Evans +1'16 (+1'14")
F. Schleck +2'39" (+2'34")

Based on these time the outcome will be

  1. Andy Schleck 82h 48'43
  2. Cadel Evans +1'54"
  3. Frank Schleck +2'27"
  4. Alberto Contador +3'30"
  5. Samuel Sanchez +4'32"
  6. Thomas Voeckler +4'33"
  7. Damiano Cunego +7'06"
  8. Ivan Basso +7'35"
There are of course other stats to deal with apart from the pure maths.

Contador has given his all yesterday and may not think he is capable to going flat out to achieve anything. Andy Schleck has never worn yellow at this stage and will know what he has to do. Frank Schleck has looked to have good form in this race and may well race harder than he ever has with the possibility of a filial one-two on the line. Thomas Voeckler has had a hard week, but he is racing for the honour of France. He wants to get back into that top three.

We shall wait and see.

For the record tomorrow the race for the white jersey is between Pierre Rolland and Rene Taamare 1'33" behind. Nobody else is within 7 minutes of Rolland so it is down to those two.

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