Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Parliamentary Phantom Flan Flinger

Today was meant to be about the questions asked to Andrew Stapleton, the James & Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks. Now due to one numpty it will be remembered for one custard pie and Wendi Deng, Rupert's wife's left hook.

All fingers are pointing towards Jonnie Marbles who on his Tweeted profile has a UK Uncut Twibbon. He said earlier in the afternoon "I'm actually in this committee and can confirm: Murdoch is Mr. Burns." before just a minute before the disruption Tweeted this.

As someone who says they are an "Activist, comedian, father figure and all-round nonsense." who Tweets "in an impersonal capacity" However, comedian's who are activists should look at people like Eddie Izzard, Lenny Henry and Steve Coogan amongst others for the correct mix of being serious and funny to get their points across. This timing and way in which he tried to use humour has actually buried what should be the story tonight and tomorrow and changed the focus.

The action that he has actually carried out had turned Rupert Murdoch into a victim in the space of 60 seconds from being someone that on Twitter was being mocked, just minutes before. Also it is a common assault on an individual, it happened in full view of a largest than normal BBC News audience that time of the afternoon.

It's also result in the end of the Murdoch's questioning and all of Rebekah Brooks to be carried out without a public gallery. It has already been hinted at that a review may have to go underway into how Select Committees happen in the future. I assume that involves the access of members of the public to such hearings.

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