Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Five for the Fifth July 2011

This is Stephen Chapman's 25th monthly edition of Five on the Fifth in which he invites fellow bloggers to share pictures taken over the last few days. As this is the Silver Annivesary of the idea the theme this month was Silver. So here are my contributions to the party.

Need a card

Baking a cake

Getting Dressed up for the Party

Need transport to the party, as long as it is silver

And relax into the soft furnishings


  1. Well done for sticking to the theme so well!

    Thanks for playing along

  2. Well once I saw the Silver Spoon stacked up in Tesco I starting thinking how else I could do it.

  3. I want an invite to that party you are getting ready for. Nice shots!

  4. Well it was all worn at a ball the other weekend.

    Just realised I haven't included the pocket watch in the pic. May have to restage and retake the pic for the full effect.

  5. Love the theme within a theme! Cool pictures.

  6. Well done! I found this particular theme sort of tricky but you sure did great. Creativity at its best!


  7. Very well done. I like your ideas for the pics.