Saturday, 30 July 2011

OK you want a straight pride...

One of the arguments that most homophobes give for not having a Pride Festival or even a Parade is "Well you don't see a Straight Pride". Here is Davey Wavey asking those people to think about it and why there isn't.

I'll be in Belfast today marching with my fellow Liberal Democrats, as well as the Alliance Party, Greens, SDLP, trade unions, LGBT groups, individuals, other supportive groups. We'll set out from Custom House Square at 2pm. At the City Hall we will parade past the Sinn Féin Lord Mayor, before returning to Custom House Square for the party in the square.

This is my first Belfast Parade but not my first Pride Parade, indeed I did three of them last summer and will be heading up to London/Derry in August to take part once again in Foyle Pride.

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