Sunday, 17 July 2011

#TDF Stage 15 Last Sprint til Paris

After three days in the Pyrenées today we are on the flat. So the General Classification leaders will be taking a breathe after not doing very much apart from mark each other in the southern mountains. But the guys who have been at the back the last three days will be itching to get to Montpellier ans see what they have left in the tank.

Currently the standings in the Green Jersey are:

  1. Mark Cavendish 264
  2. Jose Joaquin Rocas 251
  3. Philippe Gilbert 240
  4. Thor Hushovd 192
  5. André Greipel 164
The Sprint comes 46.5km from the end of today's stage. So there will be a fight as even over as many points as the breakaway allows. As I slept in and amy only getting around to  writing this now that looks likes 10 points for 6th. Then we can expect the sprinters teams to bring it under control for a traditional sprinters finish on the boulevards of Montpellier.

So with 55 points on offer who is going to take them?

As always it looks hard to see past Mark Cavendish. Even though Rojas took a point off him on the sprint on Friday he's not getting the lead out that allows him to take on Cav consistently and is often following the Manx Missile. Plus Cav was angry as much with himself for not taking maximum points in that sprint. I fully expect Cavendish to be on 331 points by the end of today. He'll then be ready for a threepeat on the Champs-Élysées (I expect in the Green) to take out that competition.

The way Cav responded to getting it on Wednesday (pictured) I think he intends to keep it on his back the rest of the way in this race. It will be hard to prize it off his back through racing I think.

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