Monday, 9 February 2009

We Will Look to Spend Better

In response to the pledge to cut taxes and redistribute spending to priority issues today marked another step along that path. Cable said earlier today that he and Jeremy Browne would be carrying out a thorough and painstaking review of all central government spending. The end target is to highlight £20bn of public expenditure that can be reallocated to places it is needed more and better spent.

The first of those priorities was also focused on today education.

From providing 20 hours of free quality care and nursery education for every child from 18 months. To infant classes no larger than 15 pupils on to scraping tuition fees for for first Higher Education degree qualifications whatever level those qualifications are.

Some of the other parties have been ridiculing us that we don't know where the spending can be made. Well we have started the search. In six months will they be quite as cock a hoop. Indeed before the mockers flock there is a full costing of what this first trance will cost, and ideas of where it could come from already.

While these policies only apply to England you can be assured the the principle will be taken on a raised in Scotland by the Scottish Liberal Democrats led by Tavish Scott and Jeremy Purvis for the education advancement here in Scotland. Adjusted to what has already been achieved since devolution and just as in 2005 we here in Scotland had to have a radically different manifesto to other parts of the UK as much of the core then had already been achieved or was in progress here North of the border.

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