Sunday, 1 February 2009

25 Random Things About Me.

Ok I got tagged in Facebook and this is the sort of level my brain can cope with just now.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.
  1. I have won trophies or medals in five different sports.
  2. Coming from Bangor, Northern Ireland I applied to Bangor, University, North Wales (though I didn't take their offer)
  3. I hacked away at a wall in Berlin. I wasn't a vandal it was the Summer of 1990.
  4. I was the first writer on H2G2 to have written 100 edited solo entries (although to be honest that was purely down to a editing decision in the great publishing house of Ursa Minor as the true first got his ton 7 days later)
  5. At University I served on the committee of three organisations for at least two years each....
  6. ...I also co-founded the Irish Society on St. Patrick Night by collected enough signatures around the bar after a conversation at our table.
  7. I was very briefly expecting to live for a year right next down to Highfield Road, Coventry City's old ground. I ended up living still less than 100m away...
  8. ...that year when Liverpool were visiting I was heading to the car to head north as the Liverpool team coach pulled past our car port.
  9. I once had Kenny Daglish stand next to me twice at Euston station in one evening. But was too dumb struck to speak to my childhood hero.
  10. I have seen Liverpool play at 10 venues. None of them Anfield.
  11. I ran 4 competitive 10k road races during the 3 week period I was sitting my A'levels.
  12. I have run sub 4 minutes miles.
  13. On the day of the Northern Ireland Devolution referendum. I turned up late for the triples match we were playing at Rathriland but met the club secretary who's I'd spoken to on the phone outside the polling station to get directions to the green.
  14. In the first NI assembly election my vote for Jane Morrice NIWC never transferred to my normal first preference Alliance candidates, nor anyone else, either in full or part, as she was the last candidate to be declared elected by STV.
  15. I have written a series of micro biographies all with the word count of 45 Words.
  16. I have played chess against times colomnist Raymond Keane, also GM Daniel King and was in the same club as South African anti-arpartheid activist and journalist Donald Wood.
  17. I have an ...ology. I took Archaeology in Lower Sixth as I was only taking 3 A'levels I got an A.
  18. My birthday has on several occasions been celebrated at, or travelling to/from, Lib Dem Federal Conference.
  19. I've been writing poetry for over 25 years.
  20. My head has been split open in accidents on four occasions and my nose has been broken three times (all three while playing in goal).
  21. I share my first two initials with the Grandfather whose birthday I was due to arrive on. I arrived a week late
  22. Last season I only missed two competitive games that Livingston played in home or away (one I was home for my birthday, the other I was working on 2 January). This season that was ruined early on by the Glenrothes by election.
  23. I have been in every county in England except Cornwall, and every mainland adminstrative district in Scotland. But hardly ventured into Wales.
  24. I have travelled the length of Europe Overland from the Atlantic coast of Spain to Kiev (though not all in the one trip).
  25. There are 14 varieties of tea in my kitchen (including herbal blends) and only one type of coffee (for guests).

As this was on Facebook not all the taggees were bloggers. But I did tag Malc, Jeff, STB and Duncan from the Blogosphere.


  1. Interesting read and some impressive achievements, particuarly the sub-four minute miles :0)

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