Friday, 13 February 2009

If You're Only Just Shy Of Support On LIT...

OK lets for a moment assume I accept the SNP's excuse for dropping Local Income Tax (LIT)proposals on the grounds that there was not enough support in Holyrood, even with the Lib Dems on side. What does that mean for the appointment of Mike Russell to his new role?

Now I'm not claiming to be good at maths (OK stats is what I do for a living) but surely there are 13 less MSPs* in favour of Mike Russell's new remit as Minister for Constitutional Affairs Independence than there was for scraping the council tax and replacing it with LIT. Indeed independence said Iain Grey in yesterday's FMQ's is the last remaining flagship policy on which the SNP got elected in 2007 that they 'currently' are still looking to implement before the next election. That is a disastrous only 21 months into a 48 month fixed term.

So we know that the SNP have over run the parliamentary process in Holyrood since taking office. No it appears that they think they can get away with overlooking the reasons that people voted for them as well. One by one the flagship policies are falling by the wayside.

Wait for the next good day to bury news for the announcement that the SNP will not bring forward a Bill calling for Independence for Scotland before the 2011 election.

*Instead of 16 Lib Dems they could maybe count on the two Greens and Margot MacDonald.


  1. Are you suggesting that Labour might have made a decision not to support a referendum? Only you should probably write and tell Iain Gray that - last I knew, Labour didn't have a clue where they stood on the issue!

  2. I thought it was pretty clear from his comments annd questions yesterday that focus has been reached.

    I'll take a look at the semantics and try and see how any other conclusion can be come to later.