Thursday, 19 February 2009

Real Lemon Lyman Really is More Bitter

Wow. Fans of the West Wing will know that the ficticious website was set up to follow the activities of ficticious Deputy Chief of staff Josh Lyman. The political geeks will also know that Josh was based on Rahm Emanuel from his days in the Clinton West Wing.

Well Bradley Whitford who played Josh Lyman has this to say about the real thing:

"I think that if you played Rahm Emanuel like Rahm Emanuel actually is, I don't think people would believe it. I think people would think, "Wow, I can't believe somebody is actually like that."

There is a full interview with Whitford in the NY Times Magazine.

He was also asked had he recieved his invitation to the real White House, and replied that at the inauguration Obama had said to him:

"You have to come to the White House! But not for a while. We're a little busy."

Wonder if the tour will feature the equivalent office. Once Team Obama get through the top of their to do list of course.

*Hat tip to Daniel Finklestein.

You can tell I'm bored waiting to actually work can't you? Best thing I have Roll Call Officer Refresher Training in an hour and then a conference call at 2 heaven knows when the reports will get done.

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