Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Labour's Bitch

I've been sort of watching Derek Draper's Twit Bitch at Iain Dale this morning starting here. It doesn't surprise me too much as Draper seem woefully unable to remain civil in the blogosphere and his blogiquette is atrocious.

It started with the statement:

LabourList has suspended Iain Dale from our blogroll until he clears up
remarks he has made about "Golliwog" being an acceptable term.

Actually if you Iain's original post you find that he was actually pointing out inconsistencies in the BBC's policy over racist comments. He cited Chris Moyles as an example who got away with it not once but twice. While the daughter of the former Prime Minister, Carol Thatcher upset Brummie man of the people Adrian Chiles, Moyles upset Oscar royalty in the form of Halle Berry. Iain was under the assumption until earlier this morning that the hair in question belonged to Andrew Murray, as white as the snow that is cover so much of the UK south of Dunblane.

Now in past with Mr. Dale and other bloggers that I read I will point out an error, asking them to correct it, if after giving adequate time for a correction to be made nothing is forthcoming I may consider other action. Not so with Mr Draper ignorer of Blogiquette extraordinaire. His hissy fit a suspending of Iain's blog came after Dale had struck through his comments thus

And the tennis player concerned is allegedly the hideously white Andy

See Derek Iain know that if a blogger is found to be in error transparency of that error is what counts. It's what the audience expects. You see another example last night where Iain posted John Prescott's video response to his own error of assumption.

Sadly LabourList like so many of the Labour blogs seems to think that political blogging can exist without referring to the rest of the rainbow of Political opinion. One thing Iain Dale despite his own right wing leanings can never be accused of. Labour need to lighten up in the Blogosphere and engage with others constructively, sadly as the approach of Mr Draper seems to so they seem to think they can control it. Tough that got out of the bag too long ago.

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