Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Prezza's Petition

He may one have been technically inept but you've got to hand it to him John Prescott truly is harnessing the internet. He has even established an e-Petition demanding that the Royal Bank of Scotland do not pay out the £1bn in bonuses that are heading the way of many of their staff. Some apparently are even 6 figure sums. There's also a Facebook Group (which John failed to link to) No Ifs, No Buts - Pass on the Cut demanding the same things.

When there are people out that who have recently lost their jobs, are scared they may be next. Others whose salaries raises are under review, or have been suspended or are on short weeks or partial paid leave of absences it is an obscenity. Banking fat cats aren't prepared to pass on the full interest rates cuts. Are making it harder for the average person to borrow money and are still paying themselves top dollar bonuses when they have been bailed out with Government money.

To pay out 12.5% of the money that the Government had given the RBS as bonused shows us just how sorry they are.

Not one bit.

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