Thursday, 12 February 2009

She Speaks - Tory Candidate Updates Website

Well it only took a year and almost three weeks but Andrea Stephenson has finally found something to talk to the people of Linlithgow and Falkirk East about. She has chosen the supbject of improving your High Street by giving it a makeover.

To highlight this initiative from the conservative concessions on the Nat budget has two pictures. One is at the cross in Linlithgow, possibly the most picturesque stretch of High Street in the constituency. The other looks like a renovation that is being carried out in Bo'ness. The poeple of Bathgate, Armadale and Whitburn with their more egalitarian appearance Main Streets wouldn't have fitted with the appearance of the Conservative PPC's website no matter that these are possibly of greater need of a makeover, with empty shop fronts and rundown, as opposed to historic, appearance of many others.

Judging by the summer clothing worn in the pictures I'd assume that neither of them was taken since the budget was passed either.

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