Wednesday 10 October 2012

The morning after the night before #BBCNI

Last night BBC Northern Ireland apparently only turned off the signal to BBC2 Analogue. While there was some fear about what would happen to RTE services as part of the switch over it appears the matter is a little closer to home.

Is it BBC1 or not?
Well trying to find anything on the BBC here this morning today you will be hard pressed. I can only get a signal on one station (apparently BBC1) although it appears to be CBeebies and is currently scrambled. Heaven help all those mothers who are having to reconcile toddlers that their favourite programme just isn't available today. So I could not watch David Cameron's speech from my TV. Could not watch the news.

So digital switch over off is going exceedingly well here in Northern Ireland. All those days of disturbances in the force signal in advance of this day obviously eased over all none of the problems that turning off the analogue signal would cause to Freeview viewers. So in two weeks time do I look forward to being in a house with six TV (two Digital ready, four with Freeview boxes) and nothing to be seen on any of them?

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  1. Its an serious issue.. i think its time to start the digital evolution in the Northern Ireland.