Monday, 16 April 2012

I am the bowling rain God

I apologise for any rain you may have encountered this evening. Unless of course you are one of the people who was added to the drought area earlier today, in which case you're welcome.

Saturday may have been the first friendly match of the season but that was away. It was also the opening day of the greens at Ward Park, Bangor where my team North Down play their home matches. Therefore today I was always going to get down there to play a few ends.

Of course this morning the Sun was out, but I was helping my Mum with some things. This afternoon though overcast and windy was dry. Of course as soon as I started to get ready to leave the house this evening after a yummy fish pie it started to rain. Not a lot, but a persistent drizzle, that lasted at least as long as daylight did.

However, as bowls is a sport that you have to carry on playing even in the rain, that is one reason that I do practice in drizzle when I get the chance, I don't want to have to encounter it for the first time in a match. So I was out in the rain for the first session of the season on my own green. That said, despite the green being heavier than the all weather surface down at Cloughey on Saturday, I was happy with my first bowls on grass this season. Weight and line were good the majority of the time.

So again I apologise for this evening's weather. But I'm a bowler, I was expecting it.

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