Sunday, 4 April 2010

Cameron Says 'Vote Lib Dem You Become King Makers"

Ok he didn't exactly but may as well have. Here's why.

David Cameron has admitted that there is a possibility of a hung parliament, or course says he doesn't want it, that it 'would damage UK'. Why is he so scared? Because a hung Parliament is a defeat to the Labservative Party's game of pass the parcel. Because a hung Parliament could, should and would lead to a major shake up of the politics of this country as we know it.

But his argument that a strong Government is what is needed to make long term decisions. But do majority Governments always make good long term decisions. Let's take a lesson from history. Just at random lets take the 16th September 1992 as an example. Now we need an eye witness to what happened that day to tell us exactly how long term decisions were not getting made that day.

No not the guy in the front, my MP at the time and all the Chancellor of the Exchequer the guy in the shadows. Yeah you see it wasn't a hung Parliament that was unable to make long term decisions that Wednesday it was one with a majority. The government up the base rate from 10% to 12% to 15% to the above when they pulled out of the Exchange Rate Mechanism and returned the bases rate to 10% all in the space of a few hours.

So of course the Labservatives learnt from that lesson and freed up the banks to make their own decisions after 1997. Only then of course the banks messed it up all by themselves.

You see only one party is prepared to make real changes that will prevent either of the above happening again. The Labservatives, hey just want to trim around the edges, the Lib Dems are however looking to make a radical change that will cut to the heart, a change that will make the recovery sustainable possible. The Labservatives are scared that they have lost the initiative, Vince Cable came across well in Monday's chancellor debate and now it looks like people want the Lib Dems to run the economy. Of course that is bad news for Cameron, but not going to damage the UK.

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