Monday, 19 April 2010

Fact Checking the Daily Telegraph: The Full Story

I see that the Daily Telegraph have picked up on one of my tweets from Saturday, where I said I was taking the afternoon off to see my football team Livingston playing in what in the end was the important season deciding match.
Let me put the record straight. This was my first afternoon off in over 2 months from the election campaign, I do take one evening a week off, we all have to relax sometime. This was also my first Saturday afternoon at Almondvale all season, I managed two Tuesday night games earlier in the season. This is from someone who in the 2007-8 season missed only 2 games home, away or home pre-season, and who only missed the last 2 months of last seasons campaign in the run up to the Euro elections. Indeed my afternoon off wasn't totally off as many of the fans there were asking me about certain policies that the Liberal Democrats stood for, I am know on the club fan boards as 'our Liberal friend'.
In the last 7 days I estimate that I have covered a marathon distance in mileage walking for this campaign. So I'm sure the good voters of Linlithgow and East Falkirk will allow me the one football game all season.
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