Saturday, 17 April 2010

SNP Dishonesty Over Structural Deficit

Ok in my last post I did allude to the opinion polls that have been flying all over the place with one common thread, the Lib Dems are up. In fact a bigger up than I can remember in one election campaign let alone 48 hours, so we cannot assume it is rogue polls, they are all saying the same thing.

So I'm not going to concentrate on the headline figures, if you're reading this you probably know that however in this morning's Harris poll for the Mail. It showed Nick Clegg as polling 81% for a strong leader and 90% for honesty, which are astronomical polling for a politician.

One of the key areas that the honesty lies in is how to deal with the structural deficit. There is as Nick said at the manifesto launch on Wednesday 4 pages of figures* from the Lib Dems on how everything will be afforded going forward over 5 years.

Now seeing as Nick pointed on the leaders' debate on Thursday night that Brown and Cameron are both not coming clean on how they will deal with it, let's look at Alex Salmond. He seems to deny there is any problem whatsoever, is not prepared prune back deadwood to bring about life to our economy. On the honesty stakes one wonders just where Alex and his SNP would actually come.

Ask any gardener about what is needed to bring about fresh growth and they will tell you it is a good hard look at what is before them, cutting back the redundant parts and letting the fresh shoots come through with all the resources that it can be provided with. This is what Alex Salmond and the SNP are denying the people of Scotland by stubbornly refusing to budge.

* Pages 100-103


  1. cynicalHighlander17 April 2010 at 21:29

    "Ask any gardener about what is needed to bring about fresh growth and they will tell you it is a good hard look at what is before them, cutting back the redundant parts"

    No not at all you remove the diseased parts first then the damaged bits and then the dead bits. Once that is done one looks at removing bits to improve the growth and shape.

    Advice. Get another gardener.

  2. The problem as I pointed out is that the SNP see no need to do any of the above to deal with the damage, disease or to stimulate growth in anything that is devolved to their responsibility.

    So the people of Scotland should heed your advise and get another gardener. Well said.

    So that is neither Labour or SNP then?

  3. cynicalHighlander17 April 2010 at 22:33

    One can't stimulate growth in a system that is as dead as a dodo one can only sow fresh seeds on newly tilled soil to initiate growth.

    Your party has said this via N.Clegg.

    "We are the first party to aim for a carbon neutral Britain so we
    don't contribute at all to global warming - making the British economy carbon neutral
    overall by 2050."

    I will say totaly impossible and therefore that is being blatently dishonest to an unsuspecting public. Rather than critisize the SNP for party political gain try looking to support Scotland and its people instead.

  4. First off zero carbon is possible as many in Linlithgow already know. What it does need it a major adjustment to the national grid to incorporate micro renewable schemes into an effective system.

    Also to get to that level there will be plenty of job creation in Scotland as well as elsewhere. It's not for political gain for for the well being of the country and the world.