Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Oh Dear, Annabel Didn't Get the Memo

It appears that Scottish Conservative leader Annabel Goldie didn't get the memo from CCHQ, yesterday she followed the daily mail with an attack on Nick Clegg rather than debating policy. She then read out, or on occasion misread out a number of Liberal Democrat policies from our manifesto.
She then went on to say:
"I think the public is going to wake up and understand that the election is about policies."
I hate to break it to you Annabel, I think they already have, starting last Wednesday, through Thursday and every day since that is what people have been asking me. They've asked me about the various lines of attack that you have been using and I explain how they fit into a bigger picture. At the end I'm getting a lot of "wow, that's really good", or "that is well thought out" and often "well you've got my vote".
So I'd just like the thank the Tory apologists for giving me such good lead in material to discuss issues such as Neighbourhood Justice Programmes, why a joined up Europe is good for justice and human rights unlike the Tory plans, why the fluctuations between pound and Euro have led to the uncertainty and sometimes wild fluctuations of food pricing in many of our supermarkets in recent years.
Keep up the good work in making the people look fully into what the Liberal Democrats stand for and getting the wow factor.
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