Friday, 23 April 2010

Campaign Diary: What Would Yoda Do?

I got home today to find amongst the mail a letter which says:

"As someone who has had cause to visit me at one of my regular constituent consultations or contact me by telephone within the past five years, I hope you will agree that I have done my very best to resolve the complaints or problems that you have contacted me with.

"I have not always been successful but I hope you will accept that I never give up until all avenues have been pursued on your behalf."

Well actually I wouldn't agree and as I get around the constituency, read my emails, open other letters I know I'm not the only one. As for giving up, I'm sure Yoda who like me you have mentioned in the house would say, "Failure to succeed have you, given up easy have you. The force weak in you is. Need someone who force is strong in after May 6th."

So as for the final line:

"I hope I can count on your support on polling day."

I'm sorry Michael, you can't I voting for the best guy for the job, as are thousands of others, maybe even thousands of others who have recieved your letter (I don't know how many you've sent), that would be Stephen Glenn.

Well that is at least one vote I know is in the bag.

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  1. I got a similar letter; got two, my wife got two, which suggests that Mr Connarty's constituent database isn't too good.

    Also, I got this: put inder my windscreen at the Regent Sq Tesco this afternoon.

    I wonder who's responsible for it?