Monday, 5 April 2010

Double Standards of the Tories Over Gay B&B Comments

Example 1: A Conservative shadow Home Secretary says just the other week that it should be acceptable for a gay couple to be turned away from a B&B should the proprietors say they want to on no other grounds than their sexuality.

Example 2: An Ulster Unionist B&B owner from Antrim is prevented from going forward
to the UUP v Conservative decision to stand as the MP for Antrim South for saying in 2006 he felt 'uncomfortable' having same sex couple stay in his B&B, before the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007.

Quite rightly Antrim Mayor Adrian Watson who had the backing of 90% of the local Ulster Unionist party is pointing out that Chris Grayling has gone further than him. Yet he is being barred from standing possibly on the same grounds that Grayling has yet to even be censured by his own leader. He says:

"Are they going to veto their shadow home secretary now? Is Owen Paterson [Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary] going to go back to London and say we have set a precedent in Northern Ireland? If there is no disciplinary action against him then it is serious discrimination, David Cameron talks about equality, where is my equality?"

Shouldn't the same standards be set for Epsom and Ewell as for Antrim South?

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