Thursday, 15 April 2010

Tory Warning in the Runes

Ok not quite the Runes although I do really want to know what the Druids do make of Dave's policies.
However, yesterday Gordon Brown said he's made a mistake over the banks, he listened to them and not to anyone else's opinion. Yeah listening to business telling you something is a great idea is not always the best way to form stable policy.
Now who is it that David Cameron has been promoting as being behind his tax policies? Oh yeah, that's right business. Is there another opinion? Actually yes. Over 50 economists are warning that Tories plans for cuts risk losing jobs and throwing the UK back into recession.
Something the Lib Dems and Labour agree on is that making cuts needs to be done when the time is right not as a result of political dogma. Indeed the Liberal Democrats have outlined a plan over 5 years at the back of our manifesto. But Dave is still going on with the dogmatic respond
I guess though this is one mistake that we won't hear Dave admit to tonight.
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