Wednesday, 14 April 2010

At Last a Manifesto that Addresses the Elephant* in the Country

Launching the Liberal Democrat manifesto this morning Nick Clegg said:
"We will hardwire fairness into British society."
He outlined the four key principles on which I and my colleague are standing and said:
"There isn't a line in this book that we haven't accounted for by savings elsewhere."
Going on to insist that he thinks it's the first time a political party has ever produced a manifesto with figures as comprehensive as these.
This statement came after Lib Dem economy spokesman Vince Cable had described himself as "the elephant man" the only one of the three parties economic spokesmen to speak about the import thing that is omitted from the other two's manifestos, how are we going to afford what we are promising people with out relying on Father Christmas like wish lists, which are neither plausible nor honest nor costed.
Carlsberg don't do political manifestos, let alone in the depths of economic instability, but if they did.....
And yes there is an App for this check out the site.
*Apologies I don't mean everyone's favourite pachyderm blogger.
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