Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Brown Admits to Arrogance of Labour - Your Turn Dave

So let me get this clear yesterday that I get a tabloid from my Labour oppenent, telling me that it is clearly a two horse race between Labour and the Conservatives for government(you can get more of this nonsense the back page tells me by following him at yourname).

While at the same time his leader was saying:

"It it's a clear result we'll accept it, if it's a different result then we've got to deal with it but don't persume what the people are going to vote efore they vote because that would be arrogant."

Parenthesis mine.

So let me get this straight all those Labour and Conservative leaflets about there being only two options for government are the arrogance of the two old parties? Is that correct Gordon?

Most opinion polls in the last 10 days have Labour in third place in the vote. Today's Independent poll has Conservatives on 32, Lib Dems on 31 and Labour on 28. So the people are telling them both they are being arrogant to rely on their votes.


  1. Surely it's Clegg who is most arrogant of all.

    One good "performance" on a tv game-show and he's accusing the Prime Minister of "squatting" in Downing Street and demanding that he be sacked before he, Clegg, will condescend to talk to anyone, all the while assumng that he, Clegg, will be the boss-man after an election in which no votes have yet been cast or counted.

  2. While the others may have considered it a game-show in both debates Nick actually answered the questions that were asked rather than the ones that the others had the answer to.

    As for the voters changing their mind it is not merely the TV debates and leaders performances that is doing that if the responses on the street and emails I am answering and receiving are anything to go by.

  3. You think he answered the questions, I think he did not.

    Either way, that does not excuse his arrogance.