Sunday, 18 April 2010

Lord Mandelson is Speaking in Parceltongue

Lord Mandelvort seems to be somewhat confused in what has actual happened since Wednesday/Thursday of this week. He says that the surge is because people are turning to 'the Lib Dems, whatever they might stand for'.Thing is that over the last few days they have seen that it is the Labservatives that are Dallying and are not clear about what it is that they believe in.

He then really does speak parceltongue that most confusing of languages to mere muggles in giving three reasons why people should vote.

For three reasons. Voters will be reluctant to embrace a party that would cut tax credits, scrap Child Trust Funds and even offer an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Second, a hung parliament may seem attractive to some but it may give disproportionate power to a small party holding the balance of power and bring its own danger. Important legislation, for example on fighting terrorism which the Lib Dems are likely to oppose, would be difficult to get through.

And third, in these uncertain economic times, we need a strong, centred and united government – not one that might be rocked from side to side by Lib Dems chopping and changing their point of view.

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