Sunday, 21 March 2010

Your Economy Needs Vince

The Treasury are taking Liberal Democrat economic policy seriously. They have called in Vince Cable for detailed discussions with the permanent secretary Nicholas Macpherson about the Lib Dems will be demanding from both Labour and the Conservatives in the light of a coalition, and the possibility that neither George Osborne or Alistair Darling will be Chancellor but Vince.

Of the meeting Vince has said:

"[Nicholas Macpherson] wanted to know what we attached priority to. He wanted to know what we felt strongly about."

He added that the Liberal Democrat ideas on tax and spending were well received and he wasn't told by the Permanent Secretary that he couldn't do that.

Vince had seen the issues with the banks that unraveled in 2008 a full 6 years earlier, and like a modern day John the Baptist was preaching from the wilderness that was the Lib Dem benches. Now he is being considered as a serious and credible candidate to get the economy out of this mess, not just by the Treasury but also by the Labour and Conservative parties.

I think it is a clear sign that a Lib Dem vote is not going to be wasted. If it returns more and retains all of my colleagues in the House, making the likelihood of a hung parliament more likely, we could well have the safest pair of hands on the tiller for economic recovery.

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