Sunday, 14 March 2010

Livingston I Presume, Not

So determined to defend Labour's narrow 405 vote majority in Edinburgh South less than three months ago one of their councillors was seeking the relative security of Livingston.

Having failed to even make the short list to do a wonderful job he has returned tail between his legs to become the candidate in Edinburgh South.

Now he is claiming to ride on the coat tails of the legacy of Nigel Griffiths. "I'm absolutely delighted to have won the selection. Nigel has left a significant legacy of fighting hard for the constituents of Edinburgh South."

I notice he is also claiming like Nigel did in 2005 that it is heading into a close contest with just the Tories. Then Nigel said on an eve of poll leaflet.

Stop the Tories Here!!!

4,000 new Tory voters
have moved into South

For over 100 years Edinburgh South was Tory.
With boundary changes it it heading Tory again.
You've stopped them once.
Stop them again.

Do you think that Labour really know what is going on in Edinburgh South anymore now than they did in 2005? I don't think so I have seen and heard about so little activity by them on the streets.

We all know how that gloom and doom message panned out. Nigel only just held on and we all know it wasn't the Tories he was trying to stop. But using the fear of the Thatcher years only just got enough people to back him. Surely Labour wouldn't try to fight the ghosts of the past again to try and hold on while they are leaking voters to the Lib Dems?

Oh dear. Nigel's successor is claiming that once again it is between Labour and the Tories while in 2007 the party that gained was actually the Lib Dems, when we were performing worse in the polls.

So Ian go ahead and ignore that your main rival is actually Fred Mackintosh of the Liberal Democrats, I'm sure you'll appreciate him building a fairer Britain for the people of Edinburgh South after you and the Tories fail to win.

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