Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Wikio MacBlogopshere Rankings March 2010

The March political Wikio Rankings are out, so before I head into the conference hall in Perth for day two of the Scottish Lib Dem Conference I'm going to have a quick look at how us Scottish bloggers are doing.

The trend this month is a lot of minor slippage at the top end Tom Harris remains top but slips down one spot. The cute Greek baby who used to own the number 16 spot has dipped out of the top 20, Alex Massie and Subrosa both drop one spot. Jeff returns to the top 40. Bishop Hill jumps a couple of spots and is not breathing down my neck. Caron slips and Andrew climbs up just behind her in what is the flux of the top three Lib Dem blogs.

Scottish Round Up has a far better second 'album' month in the listings that Andrew Neill. Of the three PPCs on the list only James climbs this month. Yousuf who was edging towards dropping out of the top 100 bounces back strong, but Underdog Bites Upwards will need to rise upwards again having slipped out of the top 100.

As usual here is the complete list with last month's rankings in brackets.

1. Tom Harris MP And another Thing... 7 (6)
2. Mr Eugenides 21 (17)
3. Alex Massie's Spectator Blog 27 (26)
4. Subrosa 29 (28)
5. SNP Tactical Voting 32 (41)
6. Stephen's Linlithgow Journal 48 (48)
7. Bishop Hill 49 (62)
8. Caron's Musings 62 (58)
9. Andrew Reeve's Running Blog 65 (80)
10. Scottish Round Up 68 (84)
11. Andrew Neill's Blog 74 (67)
12. Ranting Rab 79 (77)
13. Two Doctors 86 (88)
14. Yapping Yousuf 96 (96)

See you same time, same blog next month folks.

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