Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Tories Who Say NI

That is NI as in Northern Ireland. Yesterday Alistair Carmichael the Liberal Democrat Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary said

"It’s time for David Cameron to come clean about the position of his new alliance on policing and justice.

"With the UUP saying one thing, and the Tories saying the complete opposite, voters will struggle to understand what exactly joint Tory/UUP candidates stand for.

"What we're seeing is the Tories in complete disarray. When it takes George Bush to step in as the voice of reason, it's clear that David Cameron has dug himself a very big hole.

"This raises serious questions about David Cameron's judgement. If he can't manage to steer a straight course in opposition, how on earth would he cope as Prime Minister?"

Don't forget that Cameron and Reg Empey the UUP leader are going into this General Election with a joint slate of candidates. Should any of the UUP lot be elected they have promised to take the Tory whip. As it stands we may well be facing a tight election or a minority Tory administration. Yet on the single most important piece of devolved Northern Irish policy that will not only be discussed and voted on, not just this year but years either side, David said do one thing and Reg and his buddies at Stormont did the opposite.

As for George W. Bush having to step in to sort out an 'internal' party matter. I think today's Peter Brookes cartoon in the Times sums that up rather nicely.

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