Friday, 12 March 2010

EXCLUSIVE George Lyon MEP - Principled McMillan-Scott Exposes Cameron

The following is an exclusive guest post from Scotland's Liberal Democrat MEP George Lyon about what his new colleague Edward McMillan-Scott's joining of the Lib Dems earlier today means for the Conservative Party.

If ever you needed proof that David Cameron is not fit to lead Britain, then today we got it in the principled defection of former Tory MEP Edward McMillan Scott to the Liberal Democrats.

My new colleague was damning in his assessment of Cameron's Conservatives saying that their European Parliament group – the European Conservative and Reformists - contained "MEPs who have extremist pasts". He also said that Cameron was, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, deceiving the electorate in opposition only to destroy Britain in Government.

Like any group which keeps questionable company, the Conservatives will find sensible voices in their party moving away from the lunatic fringe where Cameron has exiled them.

McMillan-Scott did no more than stand up to a party machine pushed by Cameron into establishing a group containing members such as Michal Kaminski, who is a member of a Polish party the U.S. State Department classes as anti-Semitic. Also in the ECR are members of the Law and Justice party who described President Obama's election as the "end of the civilisation of the white man".

Something you would expect to hear from Nick Griffin, not friends of the man who would be Prime Minister.

Cameron has not denounced his European bed-buddies for their views, and in neglecting to do so he has shown himself not fit to lead the Conservatives in Europe, never mind Britain in EU.

I firmly believe that the majority of Conservatives are disappointed, even embarrassed, about the company their party keeps. Like McMillan-Scott, those who have doubts about Cameron as a leader of principle do have a natural home.

Nick Clegg has put fairness at the centre of the Liberal Democrats general election platform - fairness in the tax system, fairness in education and fairness for you from politicians.

David Cameron's attitude towards his friends in Europe, and to the man who stood up to him, shows that his call for change is fake. I would be surprised if he could even spell fairness.

The Conservatives latest poster campaign features people claiming they have never voted for the Tories before but…

Well, I have one for you Dave. I have never voted Tory before but I know someone who did; he is called Edward McMillan-Scott. He has deserted you, others will follow.

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  1. This guy hasn't done anything right this season except for exposing the dirty cheating of the Patriots, something he was once a part of. And why is it that Scott Linehan, Cam Cameron