Monday, 1 March 2010

Year of the (not so) Nearly Blog - Month Foxtrot

I'm keeping the slight title change from last month. The reason being that the Wikio rankings lifted to number 4 Lib Dem last month.

Considering February has three days less than January I'm quite happy about stats. Last month I had 3,816 absolute unique visitors up from 3,753 in December up 2.5%. They made 5,623 (5,419) visits +3.8% and 6,980 (6,798) page views +2.7%. All of which are new records for this blog. My busiest day was the 15th February although both the 14th and 24th were just behind. The 24th was when for some reason google images in Australia started to hit my number one blog of the month.

But that's enough of the procrastinating on with what you're all waiting for my top 11s* for January.

Top referring sites were:

1. (1) Google Organic
2. (2) Direct Hits
3. (5) SNP Tactical Voting
4. (3) Lib Dem Blogs
5. (9) Facebook
6. (-)
7. (6) Lib Dem Voice
8. (7) Twitter
9. (4) Iain Dale
10. (-)
11. (11) Google Referral

I wrote 102 new contributions to the blog down from last months exceptionally busy 153 but exactly the same umber as in December. The 11 stories that you've been reading most (by direct page views) are:

1. Chinese Deathly Whispers (for the first time being top on a month)
2. Kung Hei Fat Choy 2010
3. Further in the Nicola Sturgeon Situation
4. Comedian Jason Wood Dies Aged 38
5. ***BREAKING*** Only MP with Two Premiership Teams Steps Aside
6. Standing Down and Defection
7. So Tory Bear Describe a Typical Paedophile
8. Where's the Reader's Digest Prize Draw When They Need it
9. Green Blogger Joins Lib Dems
10. SNP Glasgow Counciller Defects to the Lib Dems
11. Future Freefall for All #LabourSlogan

Where did you all come from? There were ten less territories than January with only 72.

1. (1) United Kingdom
2. (2) USA
3. (5) Australia
4. (3) Canada
5. (4) Ireland
6. (7) Germany
7. (10) Philipines
8. (6) France
9. (8) Netherlands
10. (-) Belgium
11. (-) Hong Kong


  1. I wish I could get back into 'the groove' blogging wise. I used to blog everyday, sometimes more than once.

    Now I barely post two or three times a week.

    I'm off work for a couple of weeks so we'll see what happens.

    Anyway, good to see your hits going up. You're probably the only LibDem blog I visit and link to!

  2. Nice one Stephen, keep fighting the good fight in amongst all that canvassing you'll no doubt be doing.

    I'll try to improve upon my bronze medal position in the links there too. Can't imagine I'll stay above 'Lib Dem blogs' for long though!

  3. Jeff you're right it is getting harder to keep blogging on top of everything else. Although if I do get a good head of steam up in the morning I'm prone to time delay a few of the ideas for later in the day. Also some of the updates to emailed posts are taking a little longer to get around to.

    But then again as an insomniac it is something to fill the dead hours with ;)

  4. I tend to think my occasional 4am posts are better (or less worse) than the rest, but maybe they just seem that way at the time!

    Forgive my ignorance but are you a candidate this time round? If not, it'd be interesting to know where you're helping to target ;)

  5. Now, now Jeff you digging for more PPCs to guest post on you blog by actively canvassing bloggers to stand. Tsk!