Saturday, 13 March 2010

Quote of the Day - Nick Clegg

"If people constantly frighten themselves to thinking that the only possibility is two old answers to every problem – the red team or the blue team – then we won't allow politics to change in the way I think people's voting behaviour suggests people want it to change: more plural, more diverse, not stuffed in to this old duopoly.

"It's not romantic, it is much more heartfelt than that. The British political system and the whole clapped out Westminster architecture, and the language that we use about politics, it's completely unsustainable. You either decide to be part of that transition to do something different. Or you cling to old certainties.

"All I'm saying is that for people who think they are of a progressive turn of mind, the least progressive thing to do is to cling to old certainties."

Interviewed in the Guardian today. Now that's fighting talk.

Now the old red-blue ends of the political spectrum that think they have this election sealed up one way of the other object to the Lib Dem slogan, Change that works for you; Building a fairer Britain. Seems unfair, the Lib Dems are a change from the same old, same old, and we have constantly campaigned on fairness and change in the past.

  • 2005 Freedom, Fairness and Trust
  • 2001 A real chance for real change

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