Thursday, 4 March 2010

Old Work Location Getting an Olympic Make Ove

Plans are under way to make Piccadilly Circus more pedestrian friendly. As someone who used to work at the foot of Shaftesbury Avenue (see picture) I look forward to the changes. Mind you judging by the foot and road traffic, plus the location of the shadows I cannot speculate what day of the week at about 1 o'clock this is meant to be, far too quiet.

The idea is to ease congestion in the area ahead of the Olympics (876 days away) not only is the Marathon course nearby. But on the 6th and 7th of August the Triathlon is in Hyde Park (nice to know I've probably run part of the Olympic course as part of the Imperial College relays), along with the 10km Open Water Swim. While from the 28th July until 12 August Horse guard's Parade will be ringing out to the sounds of spikes, digs and blocks instead of Guard's bands as the Beach Volleyball takes place.

One Kilometre of railings is to be removed. The roads to to return to two way and some of those leading to St James's Park, Horse Guards Parade and Pall Mall will be opened up. Many of these had been closed at one end and only accessible for pedestrians. But the Pedestrians are not to be missed out as improvements to crossing and central islands down Piccadilly and Pall Mall are to be introduced.

All in all it makes my summer time walk down Regent Street South to the Park for lunch seem somewhat more enjoyable.

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