Friday, 3 April 2009

Where's Something About Mary?

The other day I took this video of them changing the sign outside the Bathgate offices of the Labour Party.

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Sadly it's not that clear but the white part of the sign that's visible announced the offices of the MSP for Linlithgow Mary Mulligan.

This evening I decided to go back past to see the completed work. After all it is only a handful of seconds longer on my trip home. I was greeted by this:

The sign is totally dedicated to Michael Connarty who I contested the seat of Linlithgow and East Falkirk against in 2005 and nothing about Mary. Now there are boundary changes coming up in 2011 at the next Scottish Parliament elections. Bathgate will become part of the Linlithgow and Bathgate seat but the rest of Mary's seat becomes part of Lanark, Shotts and Whitburn. As this is the part of the constituency that Mary lives in I suspect the change of signage indicates that she will be standing there.


  1. So if Mary Mulligan is heading for LSW, can we then surmise that Karen Whitefield will be taking a tilt at Coatbridge & Central Airdrie on account of the dismemberment of her Airdrie & Shotts seat?

  2. That may be Will. Unfortunately I'm not that up on the nuances of Lanarkshire politics on a day to day basis.

  3. Well, neither am I, but I believe that Whitefield's Constituency office is in Shotts rather than Airdrie, so if Mulligan is after the 'offcut' seat of this review, then that has big knock-on effects.

    Having said that, although Whitefield boasts about living in the Airdrie & Shotts seat all her life, she was raised in Shotts but currently lives in Airdrie, so may be going for the seat she lives in rather than the one where her office is.

    Though, of coure, all of this is speculation on my part - like most Kremlinology.