Saturday, 18 April 2009

Just When Gordo Thought It Was Safe to Go Back into Cyperspace

"Unless there is a dramatic change in what [Labour] are proposing to the
electorate then [losing the General Election] could be the case."

Not the words of a right leaning blogger. Nor of a Tory shadow cabinet minister. These are the words of someone who'd been in the Labour party for over 50 years and served as Labour MP for Halifax for 18 years from 1987-2005 these are the words of Alice Mahon who has quit the party.

She said "I can no longer be a member of a party that at the leadership level has betrayed many of the values and principles that inspired me as a teenager to join." She opposed the leadership on the war with Iraq. Was unhappy with the direction Tony Blair had taken the party. Hoped that would change under Brown but said "I couldn’t have been more wrong". But as for the recent attempt to smear leading Tories, the straw that broke this particular camel's back, she added she was "shocked and absolutely scandalised".

So oops. Just when Gordon was hoping to but the genie back in the bottle we have another weekend of the fallout of smeargate. Only a maximum of 54 more weekends before a General Election though Gordon.

Surely they can't all be filled with Labour sleaze and its fallout?

Can they? 2009/10 can't be a deja vu of 1996/7 can it?

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  1. "Surely they can't all be filled with Labour sleaze"

    I'll take odds on it.

    e Labour Party has called off a hustings to choose a parliamentary candidate after discovering a ballot box had apparently been tampered with.

    The contest in the Erith and Thamesmead constituency in south east London had already provoked controversy when it was taken over by the central party.

    Labourhome has learned that the E&T Ballot Box with the broken seal was in fact being stored in a cupboard at Labour’s Victoria Street HQ at the time.

    Furthermore, the ballot papers inside were torn up.

    An active Unite campaign led by Charlie Whelan was operating against Gould.

    Charlie Wheelan was also cc'd in Damian McBride's smear emails.