Friday, 17 April 2009

We Resume You to Normal Blogging

Well earlier today just under one hour shy of 8 days after I sent it off I received my replacement Broadband dongle here at the office.

This means that no more will I be restricted to shouting at the news on the TV. No more trying to some up from my mobile in merely 140 characters my reactions via Twitter alone. Then trying to cram in what I want to post about into the limited time I have on the Internet stations down in the staff rest area. Especially as with more of using just three machines at this site you don't want to hog them too much.

So normal blogging should be resumed this evening. Indeed there are a couple of entries which have been on the back burner during the week that need a little tweaking and linkages added that should be up in the not too distant future.

Iain MacWhirter may been staring at his screen in disgust, if he reads this.

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