Wednesday, 22 April 2009

What I'll Be Doing When Our Darling Chancellor Speaks

Well this economics graduate and political blogger will not be watching the budget later and live blogging it. Sadly some of us will have to keep the economy turning (even if I work for a American multinational, supporting an American multinational client, our salaries do support the UK economy). However, as I have just turned off James Naughtie and the Today programme at my desk I may well be tuning my pocket FM tuner in to Radio 4 later.

I will however hope to leave work as soon as work allows and write up some analysis later on.


  1. Become self employed Stephen that's the answer. Mind you I'll possibly be working until midnight if I don't get out of this study.

  2. Hoi! Stephen get rid of British beef will the blokes a nut with that pic..and i see he is sitting right next to me....practically resting it on me shoulder.

    do the decent thing delete him off i did...