Saturday, 4 April 2009

Grow and Cook Your Own Veg

I bought a couple of excellent books today that I would heartily recommend for all manner of reasons.
Firstly anyone who has been watching Gardeners' World will have already fallen in love with Carol Klein's earthy and organic approach to growing you own fruit and veg long before she had the spin off series Grow Your Own Veg and Grow Your Own Fruit. Both of which come with their own books the veg one I got this morning along with its companion Cook Your Own Veg.
The purchase of both these books together may well have flagged up some warning at the Home Office but I paid by cash so shush. However, I did also get them along with Cook with Jamie so maybe buying Number 10s favourite chef may have got me away with it.
However, the two books by Carol are excellent because they provide readers with an excellent, seasonal way to get from seed to table their own organic produce. When to sow, how to look after, how to harvest, prepare to store and some tasty ways to prepare the end result. Now if only I could get myself an allotment or at east be able to afford to buy somewhere with a garden that I could utilise the first book. But if you are able to use both books fully do so as your food miles will be reduced considerably and greatly also cut your carbon footprint.
As it is I'll be using a lot more of the seasonal information to prepare my own menus. Although I'm currently on the hunt for green puy lentils which seem to me missing from Tesco both at Edinburgh Park and Bathgate. I may have to head into Linvingston tomorrow see what I can find.


  1. Heath food shops will have puy lentils Stephen.

  2. Yeah I know. It just means a trip into Livingston as such a shop does not exist in Bathgate. I've checked every possible outlet I could walk to and nada.