Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Car Crash Policy Making on Expenses

I see that Iain Dale has done an excellent dissection on Gordon Brown's proposals for a vote on the issue of MPs expenses. Scheduled for a vote in 8 days time. In trying to do away with the smear and slime that is currently sticking to MPs and Labour high profile advisers Gordon Brown appears to have lost all sense of sensibility.

He thinks he has made moves that will be popular with the people but they certainly are not the best possible moves that can be made. Both Nick Clegg and David Cameron had invited Gordon to sit down with them to discuss what steps to take have been sidestepped as he will put his own proposals forward. Iain goes on to say "I have to say I think this is a deeply divisive political move by the Prime Minister. He is trying to force the other party leaders into a corner. They shouldn't fall for it. "

Well while Nick Clegg said the proposed attendance allowance was like "Bringing the Brussels gravy train to Westminster is not the way to fix our expenses system" sadly for Iain and for me David Cameron was going on about the bits of this he's asked Gordon for which he had initially said no and since changed his minds. It would be sad if the Tories had the wool pulled over their eyes or a clock pulled over their wallets instead of getting a far and transparent system for the diversity of MPs constituencies out there and the way that they will independently work.

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  1. I have to say seems to me none! thats right none! of the party leaders have the majority support amongst their own MPs to reform the present system.....gravy train....public Trough..whatever.

    and to be a little bit cynical its a bit like asking people who may be made redundant..to take a cut in the payouts in the next round of redundancies...

    not many will vote for that at a union meeting