Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Subject on the Card is Sir Clement Freud

I see today the sad news that Sir Clement Freud the former Liberal MP and panelist on Just a Minute has passed away aged 84. I shall attempt to pay tribute to the man in that length of time without deviation, repetition or hesitation as seems fitting so to do.

He was erudite in the extreme and looved* to fill the period against three others under Nicolas Parsons with lists. When he would rattle off compendia of foods, animals, places, things, people that were relevant to the subject on the card. His Grandfather of course was Sigmund Freud and what the great psychologist would make of his grandson's pursuant for revealing his encyclopedic knowledge is unknown.

He was at various stages a Member of Parliament for the party of my ilk, celebrity cook, journalist, amateur jockey, and Liaison Officer at the Nuremberg trials as well as the raconteur of note as mentioned previously.

I believe I was still typing as the whistle went. Do I deserve the bonus point?

Clement Freud 1924-2009
*By the way I've just spotted this typo but have decided to keep it in as a tribute to that other JAM raconteur the late Kenneth Williams.

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