Friday, 10 April 2009

Supreme DM has Rolled His Last Dice on this Spheroid

Dave Arneson one of the co-creators of Dungeons and Dragons has lost all his key ability scores and character levels and no magic will be able to restore him to the game of life. At least not on this board where you are reading this.

Having created the game that became the worldwide success and godfather and pinnacle of role playing in 1974 with Gary Gygax he sadly passed away to cancer in St. Paul, Minnesota on Tuesday.
In tribute his daughter, Malia Weinhagen, said:
"The biggest thing about my dad's world is he wanted people to have fun in life. I think we get distracted by the everyday things you have to do in life and we forget to enjoy life and have fun.

"But my dad never did. He just wanted people to have fun."
No doubt he'll either be rolling polyhedral dice with whatever celestial being you believe exists. But if you don't his dice will simply have stopped rolling although the millions of dice rolls either on tabletops on online will be a honour to live and D&D players will continue to have fun in his memory.
Dave Arneson 1947-2009

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