Saturday, 18 April 2009

Smeargate Hits Gordon Where It Matters: In the Polls

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The Sunday Telegraph is going to run an ICM poll which shows Labour down 3% on 26, 17% behind the Tories on 43% though that in itself means that they are down 1%. However, in the first poll post smeargate the Lib Dems we are up 3%. Maybe as Stephen Tall speculated earlier this week the decision to stay away from directly commenting on this but keeping on the wider arc of cleaning up Government and fighting for civil liberties has seen some initial benefit. While Labour get drawn into the mire and the Tories appeared like spoilt kids demanding an apology.

Image from ConservativeHome

Elsewhere in the Mail on Sunday BPIX show Labour are down 8%. The Lib Dem figures are not yet known but it looks likes another gain for Nick and the team.

However, even on these figure the gross unfairness of our corrent electoral system shows it heads as even with the Lib Dems only 5% behind Labour in popular vote does not equate to the same result in the seats at Westmister just as it didn't at the time the SDP/Liberal Alliance peaked in the polls.

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