Friday, 24 April 2009

Stark Waving Starkey

I may come from a feeble nation and live in another according to David Starkey on BBC Question Time. But surely as an historian he should know that us Celts won't take such abush lying down.

Even if he thinks that the police action at the G20 protest was "shocking, disgraceful and totally un-English" it is no excuse for his own shocking, disgraceful and totally little Englander attitude. He came unto QT and tried to dominate. Maybe as he is so fund of Tudor governance he thought that he was holding court. But the king (played by David Dimbleby) from his throne chair at one point quite early on told his "David just shut up for a minute" but he didn't and later on in the show Conservative MP Philip Hammond added "Thanks David it was my go".

However, one thing that the Twitscoop cloud (on the right) shows is that a great many more people were watching QT and twitting that were using the #bbcqt tag. Both on on this snapshop taken at the end of the show. Starkey is the largest font on the screen and the hastag is just visible on normal font.

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