Saturday, 3 January 2009

The Water 'WHO'-ler Moment

Well I'm sure most people were merely content watching the announcement of Matt Smith's taking over the controls of and keys to the Tardis on Doctor Who Confidential but I know, cause I was one of them, that many of use were Tweeting, posting on forums, blogging, hitting websites and looking it up all at the same time.

The fact that my reveal of the name Tweet posted as soon as Matt Smith's face appeared on the screen is actually ahead of the BBC Breaking News Tweet was something I quite enjoyed. The fact that like a good Agatha Christie novel I'd already worked out the clues before hand and live blogged the final piece as looking certain before that even, even more. And now Twitter has gone down being over capacity. Yeah all us geeks are Tweeting to each other about the event and have brought down one site. Next.

Doctor Who where are you?

No must get away from the vision of Scrappy Doo as the second canine companion. I bite my thumb at you Wesley Crusher.

Watching it solely on TV you wouldn't have picked up the full excitement. This was a truly 21st Century water cooler moment. The thing is the watercooler was accessible through you own laptop. Every one from across the country and with Wil Wheaton a established Hollywooder we can say around the world was discussing it as it was being revealed without having to be sat on (not behind) the same sofa.

Matt Smith it is to be that is the answer. With all this hype on the net Steven Moffat and the rest of the team are going to have to deliver a superb 5th (or do these specials make it 6th) series of the revived series. However, having seen their work up to know I'm pretty sure we won't be let down.

Although Wil did raise and interesting question. Who will be the next companion(s)? I add in the plural as maybe it is time to return to having more than one companion again. I know the youngsters aren't used to it but having had Rose, Martha, Donna and Sarah Jane (plus the rest)all coming to the the Doctor's aid at the end of the last season, maybe we've weaned them in to the possibility.

Update: Whoops in all my excitemet I got Northern Irish news presenter Stephen Nolan mixed up with the sucessor of Mr RTD Steven Moffat

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