Saturday, 3 January 2009

The Next Doctor: Live Blog to the Matt Smith Reveal

17:37 Has DT just hinted this is the youngest Doctor ever.

17:40 Stephen Nolan says youngest, been around TV, not that famous has had leading roles.

17:41 Twitterers suggesting Matt Smith from Party Animals and Ruby in the Smoke.

17:49 You sense this that run through the Doctor's should have led to the reveal.

17:50 26 year old

Sounding awfully like Matt Smith then.

17:58 the Reveal is that it is Matt Smith

The eleventh Doctor is Matt Smith. SN likes the hair.

An hour into the audition process they had already seen the eventual actor to take on the role.

Chosen as he was a good actor, definitely. Will be appear opposite Billie Piper again? Could be they may well find some way to make that happen.

As DT say Matt has got to define his take on the role. But I'm quite impressed from what I've seen him in. So all in all well done guys with the casting no wonder RTD is jealous.

18:06 Aw DT's letter to his sucessor. Sweet.

18:21 Excellent Tweet from Wil Wheaton (aka Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: TNG) "Hey, at least the new companion isn't Scrappy Doo" glad to know even the American's are talking about it, ok even if they are in the business.

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