Saturday, 17 January 2009

The Truth, the Advice, but Only if it Meets Nat Policy

It's not just the questions of the opposition MSPs that Alex Salmond decides to ignore, or answer erroneously. Apparently the great ego presiding over his devolved fifedom of Scotland is also ignoring his advisers.

At this time of economic crisis he should be being praised for assembling consulting his Council of Economic Advisers made up of leading businessmen, economics (some of whom are Nobel laureates) and chaired by a former chair of the Bank of Scotland. Such a panel of wise men should be able to steer the financial future of Scotland. However, the First Minister's response to these sages was to reject anything in their report issued this week which did not fit into SNP policy.

Meanwhile the enquiry into whether the First Minister and his cohorts are actually answering their questions based on fact is getting off to a slow start. The now named Truthgate (or is that Faithgate)* inquiry is unlikely to get underway until the next meeting of Parliament's Standards Committee which convenes on 27 January.

*Will settle down to Frast v Nixon, which I got free in today's Inpendent later, for calmer times when there was only one -gate.

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