Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Cub Reporter Unmasks The Stig

***Spoiler Alert Do Not Press on the Click if you want to remain innocent***

Some say he was born on another planet?

Some say his nerves are made or tungsten wire?

But some say that is actually just an ordinary Joe.

Yes a previous Stig identified himself as Perry McCarthy in an autobiography. Before being fired of an aircraft carrier never to be seen again. But the current incarnation of the Top Gear stunt driver has been outed by the press. The BBC are not happy. One show insider said:

"It’s bloody annoying. You wouldn't write a piece saying that Santa didn't

Precisely we all know that The Stig is as much a creature of reality as Santa. We do not want to have our beliefs shattered.

Rumour has it that gentlemen of the press knew the identity of the The Stig. But they knew how to keep mum.

Rumour has it that there is clause in The Stig's contract that if his identity is revealed he will be sacked. Poor man.

Rumour has is that some cub reporter from a provincial title couldn't wait to get his big scoop.

Rumour has is that same cub reporter is now the most hated journalist in petrol head circles.

*To be honest I keep reading that in Jeremy Clarkson's voice and it does seem to fit.

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