Thursday, 22 January 2009

Barack the Jugdes Have Spoken

No, not the Chief Justice making the 44th President retake the oath. Although that was one judge who did have to speak to rectify the misspeak he may have inadvertantly caused.

However, these judges will please Caron and Will for The Times has asked Craig Revel Horwood and Bruno Tonioli to comment on the First Couple's efforts on the dancefloor at the Inaugural Balls.

Mind you there isn't much surprise from either. Craig condemns them for being over simplistic and marks low 3s and 4 while Bruno is gushing about the story and the romance and gives the President an 8 and the First Lady sev-EN but an overall 10.
Footnote: You have to love Twitterfeed. There was me in my haste at the end of lunch must have saved a blank version of this. But it was already backed up as a Facebook note.


  1. I suspect it was the other way round - Barack making Chief Justice Roberts come round to the White House to rectify his complete incompetence.

  2. Barack can come on my back anytime.

  3. I love human sperm and fuck gay men all day and night.

  4. What on earth is going on with Scottish Unionist?

    Anyway, I'm with Bruno. Craig just has no sense of romance and occasion sometimes. Honestly.

    And would we rather that President Obama had spent his time preparing to change the world, or learning a snazzy routine for the inaugural balls?

  5. I have no idea Caron. I suspect some sort of troll in the system.

    And quite agree with you. Glad you enjoyed it. Hope it made up a bit for your vacant Saturday evenings.

  6. Saturday night tv is so rubbish at the moment.

    Once the graham norton thing is finished, there's nothing worth watching.